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961 Cush drive rubbers

Anyone know where I can get a set of 961 cush drive rubbers? The parts dept at factory is still closed, and I’ve tried both Talon and Central Wheels with no luck.


Can you post the part numbers?

With the numbers I will check my local sources.



After a bit of to and fro with Talon they confirm they do have these in stock. Thanks to the guys who provided me with their part no. Cost is around £39 inc postage and VAT for those in need of them, and I gather there’s a few as Sarah at Talon says she’s got a number of enquiries in her inbox. She also told me that Central Wheels stopped using Talon as a supplier some years ago and some bikes may have a different hub, so check dimensions before ordering. Talon rubbers are 32 OD x 19 ID x 10mm thick.

I would advise checking yours if mileage is above 2500 as you can’t tell these are degrading until the rubber squidges out by which time hub damage can occur. Fortunately caught mine before it was too bad. 


Over 16,000 miles on mine and they are as good as new, just lucky I guess.:)


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