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Hi guys,

Newbie here, although I think a few of you know me via the 961 Facebook page.




Welcome and glad to have you here Stu. I'm sure that when a few members realise who you are, they will have more than a few questions for you. For those of you who haven't been acquainted with him, Stu worked in the service department on Norton Motorcycles as Chief Mechanic (I think there were only two, lol) right up until they were placed into administration. His expertise and experience in these bikes is second to none as he has worked in production as well as service on the whole range including the new V4. Thanks for joining us.


Welcome Stu,

When youre settled in would like to pick your brains on a couple of issues with my 2017 Cafe racer.

Kind regards,



Welcome aboard, I have a funny feeling there will be a lot of brain picking coming your way soon, me included. :)


Cheers for the very kind words, Paul!

Haha no worries guys, I'll help/advise where ever I can.




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