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961 Parts

As I wanted to change my Dominator around I did some researched and found that were responsible for some machined parts for both the 961 range and the V4 range.  (There were several V4 alloy swingarms lying around).   I was able to purchase a new top yoke for  mine and they also arranged for to do their magic.   Parts are very reasonably priced and if they don't have something in stock they can make just about anything.  They were so helpful it restored my faith in human nature (Well nearly).   I think we should build a list of suppliers such as these as we will all need to be able to obtain parts in the future.  Regards G



In the March Roadholder, I put in an appeal for ‘Donington Norton’ owners to ‘come-forward’ such that the Club knows fairly accurately how many members own one of these models. The basic idea is to see if and/or how the Club might be able to help support them with regard to spares, tech advice etc. I notice that the ‘Access Norton’ website have a forum thread running regarding what parts used in the 961s are commonly available from ‘outside’ suppliers. An item will appear in the April Roadholder about a possible software ‘fix’ for the issues with the engine ECU (engine control unit). I'm hoping that we can perhaps discuss this subject at the next Officers/Directors meeting on 15th March 2020.


there is a lot of very useful discussion on accessnorton, which I follow closely as an owner. For example,one of  the ECU suppliers has offered reprogramming, now that Norton can no longer restrict access to them.

    I talked to one of the Krazy Horse dealership owners recently, and they have quite a lot of general service items available now, and are actively in contact with makers of items for future supply.


I have a 2016 Norton 961 sport with 7700 miles. I have changed some  electrical parts, ignition and relays and hold the part numbers for them if it is of any interest.


I think this is an excellent idea as no one knows how things are going to pan out. Fingers crossed that it will stay as a going concern and supply of parts and spares will be readily available in the future.

He owns the Red Max Speed Shop in Dunkeswell.  He bought one, if not more, of the early 961s and had issues.  He converted a 961 to a flat tracker and called it "The Swindler", clearly someone with foresight.  There are plenty of photos of the bike if you google it.

they may or may not be interchangeable with the production bikes.


When I bought my first 961 it was registered as a 2016 model. However, when it started to go badly wrong in the engine management department it was found to contain a whole mix and match of parts dated from 2014 and earlier. Which the factory did not have in stock and took months to provide. Apparently, changes of engine supplier, led to the need for a different  management system and the gubbings to run it all properly.

By the time I had traded the bike in, a year later,  it had received two speedos, three different Wiring Looms, Regulators, ECUs and other associated electrical chunks. 

961 owners will have to know precisely which parts they have on their machines before considering changing any of them.


It pisses me off more than a bit that there many on access norton under childish names that they have given themselves, who take every chance they can get to ridicule the NOC, but then come here when it suits them. 


I have a 2018 anniversary 961 cafe racer


Any one else out there have a 961se, ie carbon wheels etc.

Happy with mine so far, yes primary is a bit rattly but it goes and sounds nice on short pipes.

Has anyone produced a register of where the 961se’s went

Mine, number 8, went to Bremont Watches first then to me via the 2nd owner.



having followed accessnorton for a long time, I am pretty sure there is no register so far. There have been attempts to guesstimate how many 961s were produced, and which countries they went to, but that is all. Individual members obviously know what they have, but many don’t want to be on a list with location.


Dear Mark

Just seen that you want to know of how many members of the club have 961's.

I have a 2010 Sport which is vin number 201. and has now covered about 13,000 trouble free miles with two small exceptions of the side stand switch cut out failing within a few months.  This was fixed by Norton.  The early bikes like mine had their engine manufactured by an independent engine builder of pedigree.  I still have the bike.

Also I share with my son Dom a 2014 limited edition Domieracer (one of 50 but that is if the 50 were ever built) ours is number 29. We have covered several thousand miles.


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