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PayPal Problem - NOW RESOLVED

PayPal Problem - NOW RESOLVED

From Peter White - NOC Vice Chairman

The problem was caused when the club attempted to add a new admin user to the account. The user apparantly had a similar name to a person of interest in Canada who according to PayPal had 'political sensitivity'. We explained patiently that despite having a popular name our candidate for the account wasn't some sort of political extremist! ...but they were determined to make us jump through a large number of security hoops before they finally accepted (on Wednesday 25th November) that our candidate was indeed not the person they were concerned with.

We share our members concern and will want to see that this situation never happens again!


Original updates:

The Norton Owners Club encountered problems with its Payments provider PayPal. These surfaced on Thursday 18th November 2020 and continued until today 25th November 2020.

All members and customers attempting to pay either with their PayPal account or by Credit Card for Memberships, Renewals, Spares and Merchandise were receiving the message."Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later." .

We are grateful to all members who have notified us regarding the issue as we continued to press PayPal to resolve the situation.

Friday PM UPDATE - PayPal were unable to tell us why the limitation has been placed on our account and are presently telling us that it may not be resoved for 24-48 hours ( Saturday or Sunday pm)

Sunday PM Update - The club has yet to receive any notification from PayPal that the position has been resolved.

Monday PM Update - Despite now believing that we know why the limitation was placed on the account, PayPal still appear unable to assist us to remove it.

Wednesday - The issue is now resolved - We apologise for the issues this has caused our members.




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