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Join The Hunt For The Best Norton Owners T-Shirt In The History Of The World!

Join The Hunt For The Best Norton Owners T-Shirt In The History Of The World!

The 59 Club
        The 59 Club,
      Hackney, London

In the more than 60 years that there has been a Norton Owners Club, literally thousands of different Tee-Shirt designs have been produced by Norton owners around the world – Norton owners branch T-shirts, rally T-shirts, national T-shirts, T-shirts for gatherings and special events, T-shirts to showcase a Norton model, Norton Owners T-shirts for no reason at all!

Many of these T-shirts now lurk in the bottom of closets, under beds or stuffed in the corners of the workshop - somewhere in the 47 countries where Roadholder is delivered. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved, you will have picked them up along the way at Norton owners rallies, camp sites, meetings, events, gatherings, ride-outs whatever!
We want to see all those Norton owners Tees – NOW! – And remember, those pics of T-shirts are welcome from Norton owners in any club, chapter, gang, low dive or organisation for Norton owners anywhere in the world! Doesn’t matter if they're being 'modelled' or just 'as-is' – faded, shiny new or moth-eaten, that's alright. They're all wanted.

Got more than one? Even better!!

                  The Salty Commune

What you do?
Just photograph each T-shirt and send the image with your name to: If you like, include a word or two on how you came by the T-shirt.

Not friends with the Internet? No problem, post a snap of the T-shirt to us at the P.O. Box address below.

What happens then?
Over the next three months we'll look lovingly at all the photos of T-shirts you send in. There'll be regular updates in Roadholder, on social media and on the NOC website. The folks at NOC Merchandise will go through the photos. Every photo will get fair consideration.

Following the three months, an overall winner will be selected.

The winning shirt will be reproduced in a range of sizes and offered for sale world-wide via the NOC
Shop. Immortality in the NOC Hall of Fame is assured - for the T-shirt, and whoever sent it in!

Marcello Minale
 Marcello Minale-This man wants to see your old T- Shirt!



Marcello Minale on his bike
         Marcello riding his bike.

Who will select the Best Norton Owners T-shirt in the History of the World?
We needed someone with impeccable design skills, a passion for bikes and an international presence. We found him – Marcello Minale, head of the international design agency Minale Tattersfield*. Headquartered in London and with offices in Paris, Brussels, Moscow and Sydney, Marcello's agency has been designing winners for as long as there has been a Norton Owners Club - brand identities ranging from Harrods to Illy coffee to EuroStar and Irn Bru have all come from MT. And when he's not designing he's riding, just like his late dad, Marcello Snr. (yellow Fastback 1969). Recently he's started a co-working space called 'Salty Commune' with two friends in the old '59 Club in Hackney in London. Now he wants to see those Norton Owners T-shirts coming in!

*Minale Tattersfield Design Strategy Group.


Any questions? 

We're here, awaiting your photos:
Merchandise NOC
P.O. Box 3899

Tel: +44 (0)7812 768002

Download a copy of this News Item HERE!


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