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Wide line 500 international exhaust system


Hi there, I’m getting close to finishing the restoration of my 1957 500 wide line inter and as you might guess the exhaust pipe and silencer are both quite rusty but salvageable. I initially looked at Armours to supply a complete system but they couldn’t be bothered to answer my enquiry and from what I’ve read most people seem to have trouble with the fit of their supplied pipes. I could order an unplated pipe so if it doesn’t fit I can make it fit then get it plated, or, patch up my existing pipe and silencer then paint it black. I’d prefer a chrome system but can’t find a reliable source.

Any ideas guys?


Hand made to suit your machine.  Not cheap but quality item…


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Cheers Jonathan but I might as well build my own rather than pay a fortune. An unplated pipe might be an option so I can ensure a good fit then get it plated.

Hi Geoff,    Give NOC camshaft specialist Barry Stickland a call, he has fitted several of these pipes on feather-bed Inters and will advise the best supplier.


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