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Whilst we can’t be 100% certain this will be going ahead, we have to plan on the assumption that it will be; most members are aware the NOC usually has a prominent, popular and quite often prize-awarded stand at this, the largest classic bike show certainly in Europe, quite possibly the world.


2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Norton’s introduction of the first of the SS models that went on to be the stalwarts of the 1960s range of our marque, with the 99SS rapidly followed by the 650SS, and 88SS. Norton Villiers brought out a short-lived SS Commando, and then Donington produced no fewer than three SS models, first the 961 Commando SS, then the 961 Dominator SS aka the Domiracer, and finally the 1200 V4 SS.


We’ve currently been offered a 1961 650SS, but are still hoping to source a 99SS, 88SS, and that rarest of Commandos, the 750SS, the one with the peanut tank, small headlamp held in a chrome tubular ring and most-distinctively, with a high-level pipe c/w heat-shield up each side of the bike. Also a 961 Commando SS, with the right-way-up Ohlins forks and regular ‘bars, and a 961 Dominator SS, with the huge ally tank and the Featherbed-esque frame. We’re hoping the factory will lend us a 1200 V4 SS, but if you’re lucky enough to have one and would like us to add it to the definitive Norton SS Display, please do get in touch! We can usually provide or help with delivery / return of the show-bikes.


In the absence of a new Events Manager (see advert for this position elsewhere on the website) NOC Events Manager ‘tis me trying to manage our presence at the show, so please contact Peter Scatchard (, or phone / text 07775 631 044) for a chat. Those kind enough to provide a loan-bike do of course get free tickets for this great event.


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