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Seeking MOV 78

Sean Wright seeks his father's 88

Sean writes:

" The norton was a 88 featherbed i think, reg MOV 78, he thinks it was a very, very early model, and there was some connection to a norton racer at the time by the name of Austin Munks, who had a garage near Boston ,Lincs, as my dad and his mates where all from the Boston area. The story is that Austin had been given the bike to do tests on by the Norton factory , but it was never raced, the bike was sold in the 1960's and has never been heard of since, i suppose back in the day it may have been made into a triton. The reg MOV 78, was from Birmingham, i contacted Birmingham archives but sadly ,all records have been destroyed, my dad later went to the I.O.M on the bike around the late 1950,s early 1960,so I realise not much to go on but anything you could find would be brilliant"

Contact Sean if you have any information.

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