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The NOC 961 Register

NOC 961 Register

If you're lucky enough to own a 961 Commando and would like to partake in helping to build up a club database please could you forward the following preferred information to:-
and I can then add the information to the database.:


General photo of the bike (as an email attachment)
Model (SE, Sport, California etc)
Edition number if applicable I.e 8/200
Engine number + photo (preferred)
Frame number + photo (preferred)


The following is purely optional, add it if you wish, the more info the merrier but no need for first pet or mothers maiden name

Registration number
Current owners name
Current owners address
First owner if different from above if known
Original supplier if known
Interesting mods/info history


We hope to have a form that can be filled out and submitted to the records email but until this is available just sending the above in an email will suffice.

To confirm the database will be only held by the NOCL and be accessed in the same way as you do for any pre Donington Nortons.

Best Regards
Tony Lockwood


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