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Roadholder 372 is now available on-line

All issues since January 2009 are now available online!



Roadholder is the printed magazine of the Norton Owners Club, comprising 48 full colour pages monthly and is distributed by post to members of the NOC in the UK and Overseas. Members can advertise machines and spares For Sale or Wanted free of charge. The Club also accepts trade advertisements, rates for which are available on application. Roadholder is now also available on-line.  Each issue will be posted here at the start of each month.

There is an index here,  which lists key subjects and the issue they're in.


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Roadholder 372  

Rh 372 - December 2018


Feature Articles:-

A77 and Sidecar Saga

A Cotton on the IOM

Water and Electricity Don't Mix - Part 1

Alternative Engines - A Different Type of 'Rotary'

Isle of Man Classic TT Lap of Honour

The Donington Burnout

Branches History - Part 1

Nortons at Newstead (2017)

Warlingham Classic Show

Shenstone at Stafford

Norton Primary Chaincase Notes (2018)


Roadholder 371  

Rh 371 - November 2018


Feature Articles:-

75,000 Miles on a 650SS

Alternative Engines - Part 3

LE to JOG Day by Day - Part 3


One That Got Away

More Rotary Valve Thoughts

More From The 2018 International Rally

New MoT Regulations

Comet Classics Open Morning

Rural Rides in France

K2F Magneto Issues


Roadholder 370  

Rh 370 - October 2018


Feature Articles:-

The 2018 International Rally - Austria

Alternative Engines - Part 2

LE to JOG Day by Day - Part 2

Mallory Fun

Phil's Special Project

Edgar M. Franks - Father of the Manx Morton

The NOC at the 70th Banbury Run

The 2018 VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes

Concentric Experiences

RGM Belt Drive Conversion - Long Term Test (Part 2)

Fitting a Voltmeter


Roadholder 369  

Rh 369 - September 2018


Feature Articles:-

The Eric Cox Round Britain Relay - Part 1

Alternative Engines - Part 1

LE to JOG Day by Day - Part 1


Manx Landladies

Safety Helmets - Some History

Commando Celebrations at Stafford

The History of Ray Reardon's Commando

An Old Norton's Lament

The 2018 Scottish Motorcycle Show


Gearbox Bearing Confusion


Roadholder 368  

Rh 368 - August 2018


Feature Articles:-

Don't Do It My Way - Part 2

AMC's Biggest Mistake?

A Last Ride Around the Island


A Dodgy Manx

Some of George Cohen's Creations

Memories of the IOM Races

Kempton Classic Bike Show 2018

Rodney's Races

Dave Evans


Puncture Proof?


Roadholder 367  

Rh 367 - July 2018


Feature Articles:-

Don't Do It My Way - Part 1

Restoration of a 1930 Carroll/Craig CS1

Five Year Model 40 Restoration


Shenstone Branch Rally at the New Broom, May 2018

NOC at Stafford 2018

Wot a Lot of 961s

Norton - Old and New

Happy Days in France


Indicator Reminder Error

New Valve Guides for Lightweights


Roadholder 366  

Rh 366 - June 2018


Feature Articles:-

Racing Memories


The Transport Cash Cow

43 Years With a Norton Commando

Jim Smith of Pegsdon

The P10 Remembered

Ardingly Classic Show 2018


An Indicator 'Reminder'

Magneto Mystery

Home-Made Bar-End Weights

Superblends - The Last Word?

Belting Another Dominator


Roadholder 365  

Rh 365 - May 2018


Feature Articles:-

The Carroll (and Others) Norton CS1 and C1

P11 50th Anniversary - March 2017


Any Interest?

Cosworth Memories

The NOC at Race Retro 2018

Bournemouth Branch Fundraising 2017

Indian Fuel Tanks and Chilean Show


Works Race Gearboxes

The Commando Frame

A Cost-Effective Dommie Tacho



Roadholder 364  

Rh 364 - April 2018


Feature Articles:-

Working with Harold Daniell

The Dodge and the Cosworths

A Danish Duo

Newcomer Aces

NOC Spares Scheme Annual Stocktaking

NOC Profit and Loss Account

2018 NOC AGM Draft Agenda


Experiences Reconditioning the Standard
Commando Front Disc Caliper

Fitting Trafficators to a 1957 Dommie

16H Saddle Issues

Desmodromics - Is it Worth the Effort?


Roadholder 363  

Rh 363 - March 2018


Feature Articles:-

Mystery Domiracer in the USA

Norton - Why a Norton?

Circumnavigation of Nelson's County

Gizza Job - I Can Do That

Dunstall Six-Speed Gearbox Question

The IAM and LAM

Brooklands Christmas Lunch 2017


Dunstall Six-Speed Gearbox Question

Clutch Observations

Colorado Norton Works Starter Kit

Bum Pads



Roadholder 362  

Rh 362 - February 2018


Feature Articles:-

The Story of Bruce Syddell's Norton 650SS

The Ian Loram Nortons


Happy Racing Days

Blue Noses Rally in Italy

Distance Dominator

Yorkshire Branch Ride-Outs 2017

That Was No Dominator, Bill Southcombe

Ageism in the MGP


And Then There Were Two

Norton Single Leaks (One of Them Amyway)



Roadholder 361  

Rh 361 - January 2018


Feature Articles:-

JPN Transporter Track Test

The New Norton 961 California

More On The Cosworth Challenge

2017 Scottish Motorcycle Show

The 26th Copdock Classic Motorcycle Show

The 2017 NOC Rally, Beechworth

Ardingly Reflections

Norton Race Parts, Abingdon

Surrey Supports the Air Ambulance Service

Stan in Action


The Last Featherbed Norton

More on the Commando Frame Problem


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