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Application to register a vehicle under its original registration number


The Norton Owners Club is on the DVLA List Of Vehicle Owners Clubs and recognised as being able to support Members' applications for obtaining retained or age related registration numbers for Norton motorcycles.  The Club's Records Officers will assess applications and provided everything is in order, endorse them and forward them to DVLA. The decision of the Records Officers as to whether or not an application will be endorsed is final and if rejected, the Club fee is not refundable. DVLA requires that there is an inspection of the machine and this must be arranged with the Records Officer. There will be a charge for the inspection, the amount of which you will be advised in advance of any visit. Alternatively you may bring the machine to an appointed inspector at an agreed location.


To retain an old registration number you must have:-

  • An original logbook or MoT certificate(s) dated prior to 1983 or an insurance certificate
  • If you have the log book, the Frame No. corresponding with the one on the machine
  • A copy of DVLA Form V765
  • A copy of DVLA Form V55/5


Send the following to the NOC Records Officer:-

  • Payment to the Norton Owners Club:     Members £35     Non-Members £65
  • A completed application form
  • Two photographs of each side of the complete machine in its current condition
  • Photographs and rubbings of both the Frame No. and the Engine No.
  • DVLA forms V765 and V55/5 part-completed and signed
  • An authorised copy of either the original log book
    or MoT certificate(s) or insurance certificate(s)
    Important - read the notes below

Authorising Photocopies of Your Original Documents

Any Club listed in the List of Vehicle Owners Clubs (V765/1) can photocopy and verify original old documents that are used as evidence to support a claim to an original number. The copies must be annotated 'Authenticated Copy' then stamped, signed and dated by the signatory only. Original documentation does not have to be authenticated by the same club which is countersigning a V765 application. Authenticating documentation can be carried out by any club signatory listed which may be in the applicant's immediate area. The applicant should then send these authenticated copies to the NOC Records Officer with their application form as normal.

It may be possible to retain a registration mark by using the local county records archive. The Records Officer can advise on this.

Please note - Norton Factory Records do not normally give the registration mark allocated.

For further information about registration of an old vehicle see the relevant DVLA web pages

Please note - the Records Officers are very busy and it may take up to 10 days before they can reply to your application


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