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Application for an age related registration number/dating letter



Where a vehicle does not have a registration number, you may apply for an age related one.  Alternatively, if you require an age related number because of lack of evidence relating to the original registration, the age related number can be substituted for the original, subject to approval. DVLA will require proof of the year of manufacture and this is normally done by having an Official Date Letter from the Records Officer. The decision of the Records Officers as to whether or not an application will be endorsed is final and if rejected, the Club fee is not refundable.


To obtain an age related registration number you must have:-

  • The fully assembled machine. Do not apply if you have only the frame or parts
  • A current certificate of insurance or cover note for the vehicle
  • A current MoT certificate for the vehicle (if applicable)
  • A copy of DVLA Form V55/5

Form V55/5 Application for a first licence for a used motor vehicle and declaration for registration can be ordered on-line from DVLA.  It is not possible to download a copy from the DVLA web site, nor can it be obtained in a Post Office


Applicants should also read the DVLA Guide to filling in the 'Application for a first tax disc and registration for a used motor vehicle' (V55/5).  This can be read on-line and/or downloaded from the DVLA web site


Two versions of the application form are available:

Where a bike has been restored from the original parts:


Where a bike has been restored using parts from multiple sources:


Send the following to the NOC Records Officer:-

  • The completed application form.
  • Images of each side of the complete machine in its current condition
    (2 copies of each)
  • Images or rubbings of both the Frame No. and the Engine No.
    (2 copies of each)
  • If the engine is not a Norton engine, e.g. Triton, send the details of the engine and the cubic capacity
  • Payment to the Norton Owners Club:
  • MembersNon-Members
    £20 £50
    NOC3 £35 £65


When your Official Date Letter is posted to you, you should then make the application to DVLA as shown on Form V55/5

Please note - the Records Officers are very busy and it may take up to 10 days before they can reply to your application


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