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Norton Rally 2018

Following the success of the InCider rally in 2017 we are looking to do a similar 'Under Cover' rally further north for 2018. Currently we are struggling to find somewhere with a similar range of accommodation at a reasonable price.

Does anyone have any suggestions of who I should be talking to ?

Static Caravan sites such as Haven Holidays or Park Dean tend to be targeted firmly at families with young children and stacking 6 people into a van. This can make booking for single people very complicated.
Hotels of sufficient size seem to fill up more than 18 months in advance, we are already looking for 2019. Price can also be an issue.
University accommodation works well for single people (all rooms tend to be single occupancy) but this them means couples have to be in separate rooms and then doubles the cost.
To give you an idea of the sort of size we would be looking for, the InCider rally had 34 singles and 53 doubles and half board for the three nights averaged out at roughly £80 per head. I do not expect to find anywhere as low as this but we need to keep the price down to keep the numbers up.
If you have any suggestions for somewhere between midlands and John o'Groats  then please contact me via
Note, The Norton Festival will be in Norfolk for 2018 so we would prefer to be in another part of the country. I know there is another Pontins in Lowestoft but we will have to save this for another year.
Dates we are aiming for is 14 - 17 September.
Tony Ripley,
Rally Team Chairman
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