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Rain in me' Tricon

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Rain in me' Tricon

Posted by peter_holland1 at January 19. 2017

On more than one rainy, and I mean deluge, situation, the horn on my Electra has come on. And stayed on. In another great deluge, the winker came on.

Can I take these newish reproduction winker and tricon switches apart and add anything that will prevent water completing the circuit? They work fine in the dry.

In my garage I've got WD40, vasaline, silicone grease, switch cleaner, oils. But I don't want to degrade the dry weather circuitry.

What do you suggest I use? I'd prefer not to have to resort to anything external as soldiers use to stop water going down the gun barrel.


Re: Rain in me' Tricon

Posted by patrick_mullen at January 19. 2017

Hi Peter,

Al O is likely to be the best man to give genuine real advice re waterproofing the switches;  softies like me would say you shouldn't be out in such atrocious weather.

Honestly though it is amazing how the weather does affect our way of life. On a sports car forum a member stated that he had only put the top down on his car twice over the past two years; even in soggy Ireland I put the top down regularly during Spring, Summer & Autumn. It turned out that the first member was complaining  about the heat in his desert area of the USA - he keeps the top up to keep the sun off his head and avoid sunstroke, nothing to do with keeping off the rain. What a nice problem to have.

Anyway, good luck on all your travels. Have you thought about moving to California?



Re: Rain in me' Tricon

Posted by robert_tuck at January 20. 2017

Out on my 99 yesterday  it was below freezing and I suffered a fair bit of what I think was carb freezing, At first I thought it to be points trouble (which always progresses to total ignition failure) which eventually cleared up. This was much worse than I have experienced before. I do not use ethanol.  The 99 has the DL enclosure, an air filter and a phenolic insulator. The Gerbing jacket kept me toasty on the lowest setting ,now I just need to knock up a carb and oil tank heater.

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