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MK III Commando Indicator Switch

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MK III Commando Indicator Switch

Posted by mike_sullivan at May 25. 2017

My indicators stopped working so I decided to clean the switch (Sparx version of Lucas 187SA), it seemed such a good idea at the time. Stripping was no issue, but... the little copper "u" shaped bit went flying on re-assembly. I cannibalised an old torch & created a replacement, and then promptly lost the spring 7 found it & lost the copper bit & found it & lost the spring (repeat for 3 hours or so); I gave up after losing the spring one last time.

I returned to the problem last night & managed to re-assemble using a cut down spring from a retractable biro. Fantastic - it worked.

Re-assembled & it no longer works, not sure if the spring is too weak, or too strong or maybe the copper bit is a fraction too small. Ironically I also have the original Luscas switch, that is also missing the indicator spring & copper "u" (that's why the Sparx unit was purchased!).

Any further ideas are welcome! I am reluctant to replace the switch cluster as this would also involve replacing the clutch lever & mirror mounting. 

Cheers, Mike  

Re: MK III Commando Indicator Switch

Posted by john_holmes at May 25. 2017

Can't help on the parts front as I don't have a MK3, but if you need to work on another switch do it inside a clear plastic bag so any flying parts stay inside the bag.

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