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Posted by bill_taylor at February 26. 2017


Does anyone have the service info for an MCR2 regulator (1950) 37097E, or any advice on set up would be much appreciated.


Regards, Bill



Re: MCR2

Posted by steve_adkins at February 27. 2017

G'day Bill,

Clicky, clicky:

That should sort you out.

Rgds Steve

Re: MCR2

Posted by bill_taylor at February 27. 2017

Thanks for that Steve, will go through all the checks at the weekend.


Cheers, Bill.

Re: MCR2

Posted by Alan Osborn at February 28. 2017
If all else fails I can sell you a product that works. A O

Re: MCR2

Posted by Skip Brolund at March 02. 2017
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