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Halogen Headlight Conversion

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Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by John Sunderland at February 24. 2017

Hi All.

I have a general question regarding upgrading the less than perfect headlight brightness to H4 halogen. My 1960 Dommie currently has the bog standard BPF fitting and uses the rather whimpish 45/40W incandescent Lucas bulb. I have been trawling through numerous sites and have found SRM in Aberystwyth have a Halogen 45/40W BPF bulb. As H4s give out quite a bit of heat would the original headlight unit be suitable or would I have to replace it. Any thoughts?

Cheers in advance

John Sunderland 

Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by john_holmes at February 24. 2017

LED is the way to go, higher light output, lower heat and watts comsumed.

Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by ian_goodhall at February 24. 2017

Paul Goff has a wide choice of alternative brighter bulbs.



Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by Alan Osborn at February 24. 2017
The H4 bulb has to fit into its own reflector unit. Also to get the best light from any QH lamp its focus position is crucial so using a PF and trying to get the best position might be tedious. So it is recommended to buy the H4 headlamp unit, which is a straight fit in the Commando 7 1/2 headlamp unit. A serious number of years ago when I purchased one of these I found there was a Lucas headlamp unit with a black shield in the centre. It wasn't long before the vibration had this shield flapping about within the headlight. But then I found the Wipac equivalent unit-cheaper and a far smaller (did not fall off) shield. But heat was not an issue except once the solder melted on the bulb connections them-self.

Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by Gordon Johnston at February 25. 2017

Got to disagree with John H. In my experience LED headlights are great until the sun goes down. They light up everything except the stretch of road in front of you. Disappointing...

The H4 reflector and bulb combination is good.

The old 50/40W BPF isn't bad either provided you provide a separate earth lead back to the battery, advice which applies to any lighting setup.

Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by david_evans at February 25. 2017

John, I have a new old stock Wipac Quadoptic with a sidelight fitting as well, I've got a spare QH H4 55/60w bulb as well £20 plus p&p if you want it. 07751 307963

Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by anna jeannette Dixon at February 26. 2017

Hello  Well there are some Pre-focus  fitting.  LED ones out now  price £8  each  yours   anna j

Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by Fritz Wettstein at February 26. 2017

Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by patrick_mullen at February 26. 2017

I have just returned from Dublin this morning and there was a lorry unloading at some roadworks on the motorway . He had six spot lights on top of the cab, six spot lights across the front bumper, two headlights, two fog lights, plus his hazard lights - all fully lit up.  He certainly attracted attention-but I suppose that was the idea.  Certainly nothing wrong with his alternator.

Sorry this isn't of much help but I suppose most people just use their headlight to warn of their presence rather than illuminate the road during the hours of darkness.


Re: Halogen Headlight Conversion

Posted by Skip Brolund at February 26. 2017

I went to Paul's site & bought my halogen headlamp bulb, plug & play, no mods, very happy, LED on everything else including the speedometer bulb!

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