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Norton customer care experience

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Norton customer care experience

Posted by peter_myers at October 01. 2017

Has anyone out there had to test the customer care from the factory?

I have and I found it absolutely average. I really thought they would be above the base line.

Everyone I have met and spoken at the factory have been exceptionally helpful....... until I reported a nasty oil leak which developed at around 700 miles. I contacted the factory (from whom I purchased the bike last year) No problem honouring the warranty, but little details like not offering  (refusing) to pick the bike up was a surprise. Here was an opportunity to to go above and beyond to sort out a problem, but no they didn't. The factory was the closest place to me to buy the bike, so they haven't had to pay a commission to a dealer, and have the sole customer care responsibility

I'm disappointed.

Re: Norton customer care experience

Posted by Clive Astley-Mynd at October 03. 2017

I have just picked up a new bike from the factory and so far all the dealings with Norton has been excellent so I am interested to hear your comments as I'm sure I will be requiring their services at some point soon. To my mind you should not be out of pocket for a warranty issue - who were you dealing with?

Re: Norton customer care experience

Posted by john_evans1 at October 03. 2017

Maybe I am cynical but why would you expect Norton to be different?

My own experience is that no manufacturer gives a damn once they have your money.They make sympathetic noises and do the bare minimum to ahere to their warranties.

Hopefully they will resolve the problem with your fine machine.

Re: Norton customer care experience

Posted by graham_leblond at October 03. 2017

Hi   My bike has been back for warranty work and for servicing.   I prefer them to work on it rather than my local dealer as I feel they are best placed to deal with any problems.   I pay for the bike to be transported to and from theirs if I do not take it myself.   Warranty work has sometimes been paid for by them.   I have always found them to be courteous to deal with.   I have spoken to the owner several times whilst there and by email.   He only seems to want the best for his customers but knows that sometimes things do go wrong. I cannot argue with that.      I only hope that your experience gets better.

Re: Norton customer care experience

Posted by Clive Astley-Mynd at October 04. 2017

I am also relatively local to the factory and have chosen to use them for servicing but I get the feeling that although I trust them to know more about the bike than a dealer a local shop might be more inclined to go the extra mile to keep your business for servicing as this is what keeps their business alive.

The line from Norton on warranty work seems to be 'this is normal in the industry  for the customer to arrange for the bike to be taken in'. It sounds odd but I know for a fact they have limited bike transport facilities at the factory so they would probably recommend to take it to your local dealer.

Re: Norton customer care experience

Posted by james_fanning at October 04. 2017

My experience with Norton has also been good since taking delivery of a Sport model at the end of 2012 (during the days of nearly 2 year delivery times) - always accommodating , efficient with servicing and keen to please. First free 500 mile service was carried out with collection and return by their own delivery van which they've since got rid of. I've had one subsequent service using one of the regular bike transport guys (Robbie) which worked very well , although of course you pay for this.

Monday this week drove up to Donington to collect a new fuel tank - original tank developed some blistering and rippling through the paintwork six months ago (petrol reacts with the HDPE material from which tanks are made - empty out tank if you're not using bike for a long period , like over winter). Paint job was excellent with a perfect colour match (sunburst yellow). Whilst there asked to see the "RR" - wished I hadn't as I wanted it immediately - amazing machine ! First planned production batch of 250 units almost fully booked now. 

Also saw the 961 assembly process - teams of two put these bikes together and current delivery time quoted is "about six weeks". Norton Motorcycles looked to me a well run , vibrant set-up - with a future.


Re: Norton customer care experience

Posted by peter_myers at October 04. 2017

By strange coincidence I had to use a Triumph dealer last week for a 12,000 miles service for my Tiger 1050.

It came back with an oil leak. I phoned them and they immediately offered to pick the bike up and sort it out. This is a dealer I have never used before, I didn't buy the bike there, and have never bought anything from them.

How come they can offer a better customer service that the Norton factory.

The person I spoke to in Norton was responsible for warranty, there is no issue with them honouring this. It's just the aggro of getting the bike back to the factory.

I was tolf that the factory doesn't own a van to pick the bike up. I think Mr Garner should support his staff better and buy them a van, or let them borrow the race bike van.

I offer these comments as feedback for the Norton factory. For very little cost they could make this experience more positive  than it is. Lets not even talk about the oil leak........

Re: Norton customer care experience

Posted by peter_myers at October 23. 2017


I trailered the bike back to Castle Donnington, and the oil leak was quickly diagnosed as crank case pressure pushing the oil past a cable grommit. The people in service were great couldn't be more helpful and worked through their lunch so I could take the bike away in good time.

So Olivia and the chap I didn't catch your name (sorry).

You are absolute stars.Cool


There is a mod for all 961 engines to add a breather in the gearbox fill plug. The other symptom of the pressure build up is pushing oil past the starter motor seal

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