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961 owners

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Re: 961 owners

Posted by mark_pashley at July 15. 2017

Hi another Commando 961 SF to add to the list.Purchased 01/09/2016 direct from Norton.1000 miles now on the clock ,one issue- never enough time to ride it !!.Leicester, UK.


Re: 961 owners

Posted by graham_leblond at July 16. 2017

Hi Mark     Glad to have you on board.   There are a few of us on both old and new bikes riding to the NOC international event next month if you fancy a long weekend away.

Re: 961 owners

Posted by Clive Astley-Mynd at September 03. 2017

Hello all - a brand new Commando 961 café racer owner in the Midlands. The forum seems a bit less toxic than when I last looked so have stepped into the lion's cage and am now a member. I appreciate the older bikes and have a soft spot for Rudges. To own a Norton is something very special. All I need is to work out how to get that hot Castrol R smell.....

Re: 961 owners

Posted by denis_bourne at September 03. 2017

Congratulations on purchasing a new Norton 961 you will enjoy owning such a great bike and becoming a member of this club.

Den Bourne.

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