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Boyer Power Box?

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Boyer Power Box ? see attachment

Posted by Hans E Taylor at June 15. 2011

I have acquired a Boyer power box and am considering fitting it to my Mk 3.

Any suggestions (polite only) as to where it fits nicely ?? I have standard air box and large battery


Re: Boyer Power Box ? see attachment

Posted by K Glassborow at June 16. 2011

Ok I don't have a Mk3 but I mounted my Paul Goff device where the rectifier used to be (on a length of rubber mounted aluminum strap). Of course as I write this you may have yr starter solenoid there! It was convenient to put it there as the rectifier, Zener wires and batt wires were easily accessible. Can't think of anywhere else it could neatly fit other than behind the frame plate. It does need some cooling though.

Re: Boyer Power Box ? see attachment

Posted by jack_blakemore at June 16. 2011

Hans - not too sure how the Boyer mounts, but I fitted my Wassel device in between the frame rails, and ran the wires up under the tank etc.  Involved quite a bit of re-wiring but at least it'll run cool now.

Best Wishes







Re: Boyer Power Box?

Posted by Chris Grimmett at June 16. 2011

I got mine bolted to the underside of the battery tray.  A tight fit and mine is a Mk.lla rather than a Mk.lll so it might not work on yours.  All very good until it goes wrong and you have to dismantle half the machine to replace it.

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