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Dominator boyer problems

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Dominator boyer problems

Posted by stewart_potter at June 25. 2017

I am getting an intermittent fault with my Boyer electronic ignition.

Sometimes I get sparks when I turn the ignition off or on and

sometimes it works with no problems. I have double-checked the

circuitry and am at a complete loss. I tried taking the two wires which

go to the stator plate and putting these togethor/taking them apart.

This produces sparks continuously so it seems to me that the coil

circuitry must be good or I wouldn't be getting any sparks. Any

suggestions would be gratefully accepted. The bike was lying idle for

some five years until recently and I have re-commisioned the bike but

this missing sparks problem has me completely beat.

Re: Dominator boyer problems

Posted by john_holmes at June 25. 2017

The vibration will cause the wires to internally break just next to the boyer stator and this will give an intermittent spark as the wires touch and then part again.

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