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Me again electrics now

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Me again electrics now

Posted by john_neely at December 04. 2018

This is all new kit, plus I am no electrician, so I have ordered a loom from Al Os (one you make up yourself), I have a dual output single coil, new alternator standard, will pick up a Tri Spark ignition, will pick up a reg/rectifier, 2 MC capacitor and indicator relay with a new ignition switch, head lamp switch and warning light, now I come to the battery the bike is a 73 Commando 850 Mk1, I am thinking along the lines of a gel battery can you guys give me pointers please there are hundreds to chose from, I do remember that you have to get the size right and terminals in the right place, the bike did not have a battery when I got it so nothing to work from, plus have I missed anything from my shopping list.

Many Thanks



Re: Me again electrics now

Posted by john_holmes at December 04. 2018

I use Yuasa gel alarm batteries 7ah, they should not work but one I have is 7 year s old in a B44 Victor. You need to have blade connectors  not ring but that makes it easier to remove and replace. Suggest you review the Trispark ignition as there are two many reports of failures. Pazon is a good alternative.

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