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s+b filter

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s+b filter

Posted by peter_dennett at March 05. 2017

I have been running my mk3 with bellmouths fitted (odd ones so they fit),just fitted a s+b one piece and it run crap,will I need to re jet ? if so any tips on size etc.

ta Pete

Re: s+b filter

Posted by michael_sullivan at March 05. 2017

Logic indicates that you will have to downjet.  Just keep going down in size until it runs correctly.

Re: s+b filter

Posted by richard_payne at March 05. 2017

What jetting and slides are you running at the moment ? Small individual or double filters with a back face close to the carb don't really seem to suit Commandos and make the carbs difficult to tune.

I found that slides with a larger cutaway helped to disguise the lower-mid flatspot but never got rid of it completely.

Do you have 850 cutaway spray tubes with the long needles ? Although fine with the big airbox, They will complicate things too.

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