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Champion vs NGK

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Champion vs NGK

Posted by mark_woodward at February 14. 2012

Hi Chaps - my Norton Commando is supposed to run on Champion N7Y plugs but I've fitted NGK BP7ES as an equivalent - it's proving a bugger to start (old fuel doesn't help either). I noticed that the sparks on the NGKs are rather weak (Tri-Spark Classic Twin EI + Tri-Spark coils.) I connected a multimeter across the NGK plug top cap and the centre electrode (at the plug 'nose') and got a high resistance. I tried this with another BP7ES plug and got the same result. As a reference I removed one of the Champion N3s from my Rocket 3 and did the same measurement and got a full 'short' (which is what I'd expect - i.e. a simple copper core). I know that plugs with an 'R' suffix denotes 'resistor' i.e. suppressed - I thought that perhaps the 'S' in the NGK code also denoted 'suppressed but apparently it simply denotes 'standard core size'. Any ideas ??



Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by anna jeannette Dixon at February 15. 2012

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Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by joe_seifert at February 15. 2012


Probably a totally odd idea, but how about running Champion N7Ys? Ran them ever since I had my first Commando- now 35 years- road and race, never had a spark plug problem. Part# 06-2348 from Andover Norton if you can't get them locally.

Sorry, I forgot- the easy solution is not what people write in forums for. So pester any number of spark plug specialists instead and stay well away from the obvious answer........

Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by ian_allen at February 15. 2012


I used to run my Commando Metisse with 10.25 C:R using NGK BP7ES (plus Boyer Ignition) and it used to start first kick. I've worked on a couple of bike recently where the owners were convinced they had an ignition problem only to find that one of the carburetter pilot jets or passage ways were blocked. It's worth a try!

N:B The concentrics that don't appear to have a pilot jet do (of sorts) - it's hidden away in the passageway behind the pilot jet screw.



Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by john_whiting at February 15. 2012
I suspect that the next move by governments will be to ban the sale of all non supressed ignition components.Then classic bike owners will have something to worry about.Its already illegal to use a nonsupressed ignition system,and its the next logical enforcement move.Dont expect any announcement,it will be done quietly with the cooperation of manufacturers and importers.Regards John.

Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by mark_woodward at February 15. 2012

Hi all - as a follow-on - today I brought 4 x brand new Champion N7YC plugs. When I got home I did my 'test' - two of them passed - i.e. full short from top connector to nose-end electrode. The other two had high resistance. I fitted the two that 'passed my test - they gave great fat sparks and with fresh fuel the bike started second kick (after a six month lay-up) and ran beautifully - what is going on with these plugs (NGK and Champion) ??

Note that the plug leads are copper but with 5k plug caps (as recommended by Tri-Spark etc.)


Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by joe_seifert at February 16. 2012

No idea. Have used a lot of N7Ys over the years, never had a single one with problems.

Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by Skip Brolund at February 16. 2012

Its not unusual to have brand new plugs right out of the box be bad, I used to do some auto mechanic work on the side for extra money & ran into it from time to time, mainly with Champions I am sad to say :(

Like motor oil, every one has a favorite, I like Bosch now.

Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by joe_seifert at February 17. 2012

The only problem I know off is if one severly floods the carb at first start with brand new plugs and thus soaks them in petrol for their first spark. They just die an instant death. Remember that from our rotary racing days and, no, we did not use Champion plugs in the rotary racer.

Put a Bosch plug in a Triumph (or Norton) and see how long it works. On Triumphs (real Triumphs, pre-1985) I give them a week at most. No idea why it is so, it just is!

Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by Skip Brolund at February 17. 2012

I have used bosch plugs in my Nortons for years? Perhaps a different part number?

Re: Champion vs NGK

Posted by richard_payne at February 17. 2012

I've used N7YCs for thirty years and never had a problem. I've only ever replaced them when they became tatty looking.

I've only used NGKs in 2-strokes so it's not really fair to compare. The NOS KLG M80 in my 16H is doing just fine ! !

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