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Late Petrol Taps

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Late Petrol Taps

Posted by Andy MacKenzie at March 07. 2017


I have been looking around for petrol taps of the type fitted to the Mk 3 Commando - longer body than normal and open by turning the reserve lever upwards and the main lever downwards, with flags positioned to suit.  All I can see for sale at the moment are the standard, short body, flagged taps that look identical to each other apart from the wording on the flags.

Does anyone know whether the Mk 3 taps are still available?  The last pair I bought came from Gander and Gray in Manor Park, East London, so those who frequented that really top shop will know that was quite a few years ago!!

I suspect that for 'much cheapness' reasons, only one universal type tap is made now.  If anyone happens to have old spares of the Mk 3 taps knocking around, even tired leaky ones, i would be interested in buying them.







Re: Late Petrol Taps

Posted by steve_adkins at March 07. 2017


Suggest you use the reliable replacement available from various sources including Andover Norton, from their Mk-III site = 60.4511 (main) and 60.4512 (reserve).

However I use the BAP Commando / Triumph type on my Mk-IIA Commando, no dramas and no leaks, available:

Main = 60-7266, reserve = 60-7267

Your money, your choice!

Rgds Steve


Re: Late Petrol Taps

Posted by Andy MacKenzie at March 08. 2017


Thanks for the reply and suggestions.  However, though I am well aware of quite a few of the taps currently available that would likely provide better sealing than the original plain brass cones, I actually do want the original type; hence the question.  And it is not because the bike has to be perfectly original, because it will certainly not be that when it is finished. So the search goes autojumbles probably.

Thanks anyway.






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