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Auto Advance unit torque setting

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Auto Advance unit torque setting

Posted by neil_renwick at July 15. 2017

Hi all,

I'm looking for the torque value for the bolt ( Part No. 06.0720 Bolt C/B Cam fixing) that holds the Auto Advance unit (AAU) in place on my 1972 750 Roadster. I have torque setting for most bolts either from the workshop manual or the list on OldBritts website but nothing for this bolt. The only value I have found is a setting of 8 ft lb but this is for a Triumph T120R AAU.

Any help/guidance most welcome and thanks in advance.


Re: Auto Advance unit torque setting

Posted by David Comeau at July 15. 2017


I did an experiment regarding a split chilled iron cam over this exact issue. The AA split the cam. AN claimed the bolt was over torqued.

Based on my experiment, I can say that the genuine factory supplied bolt breaks at just under 15 ft/lb(according to my torque wrench), and even so, will not split a real steel norton cam. I have ever since used 7ft/lb as my # for that application.

FWIW the split cam AA unit bolt was never broken.

The triumph # at 8 sound very reasonable also.

Dave C

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