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Mk 3 interstate Valuation.

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Mk 3 interstate Valuation.

Posted by neil_wyman at August 15. 2017

Hi All, ive been offered The same mk 3 interstate that was hoping  on purchasing last year,  ive taken another look at it and its pretty good, there are a few things that will need replacing and i can see me spending roughly £2000 on parts not allowing for any engine work, the engine is frozen but to what extent i dont know?  no attempt has been made to strip it down since it was imported from the states  several years ago. So my question is whats its current value.

Re: Mk 3 interstate Valuation.

Posted by andrew_windsor at August 15. 2017

If the bike was free it would still cost a fortune to restore.

I have just completed a nut and bolt restoration on a VJMC 250 air cooled 2 stoke at a grand total of 8k over two and a half years and a final valuation at 5k with footman james.

I promised myself i would complete the restoration , and i promised myself at the end never again.

I look at these bikes coming up for offer to restore and i just shake my head but you make your own mind up.


Re: Mk 3 interstate Valuation.

Posted by peter_shand at August 15. 2017

Hello Neil

In my opinion a non runner is only worth a third, or even less, of what a runner is worth. You cannot test ride it to find out if it selects all the gears correctly, ditto clutch , engine condition (burning oil, knocking, rattling too much)  charging issues. the list goes on. Indeed the engine might be frozen because it might have no internals and has been 'locked' to prevent it turning over!

Your estimate of 2K on parts, is that just cosmetic and cycle parts (chroming, paintwork, powder coating, rims, spokes etc)

will you be doing the engine work yourself?

Budget at least £1500 for the engine, £600 to £1000 to overhaul the gearbox. Does it still have the electric start with it? or has that been removed in the past. The primary drive could be totally shot. Another £1000

If it needs a bucketful of new bits inside these estimates could be woefully low.

The corrosion that occurs inside these engine/gearbox/ primary drives when they are left for years can render a lot of it useless.

You really could do with someone to look over it with the proviso that the timing side case is removed for inspection, ditto primary drive, ditto gearbox outer cover.  If the vendor refuses. Walk away.

Given that a MK 3 in VGC now is worth between £6k to £10k

you can see that i would be very weary of going above £2000




Re: Mk 3 interstate Valuation.

Posted by neil_wyman at August 15. 2017

Thanks for the replys, much appreciated, as much as I like the restoration process I can definitely relate to spending far to much on something , so it seems that  although you wouldn't  get the enjoyment and satisfaction from  carrying out the work ourselves  its probably a better bet to find something 95% finished unless its a real bargain.

Re: Mk 3 interstate Valuation.

Posted by james_fanning at August 16. 2017

Here's my experience with a MK3 850 restoration. Brought it back to UK from Kenya in 2006 after 30 years living out there and where I'd originally rebuilt it myself back in 1985 having acquired it from the Kenya police. It was a runner (just) when I got it with 22,000 miles on the clock (mostly on presidential outrider escort duty) and I spent around GBP 2,000 in new parts from UK back then to put it back on the road. Served me well for the next 20 years clocking up another 10,000 miles on the Kenyan highways and byways , albeit with fairly regular repairs and maintenance.

Back in UK I decided to give it a total professional rebuild with a well known classic bike restorer and handed it over to him in 2009 as a runner and a very complete original Mk3. An excellent rebuild to showroom condition resulted costing GBP 12,500 (and taking an eternity). Value ? Today might achieve GBP 10,000 selling price but that'd be top whack. Anyway never had an intention to sell it and it currently runs smoothly and reliably. The only deviations from original Mk3 spec are Boyer ignition , RGM front brake upgrade and peashooters - also never bother with the using the refurbed electric start as it always goes first or second kick.  

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