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Mk3 Speedo Cable Routing

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Mk3 Speedo Cable Routing

Posted by peter_eldridge at August 07. 2017

Hello, just rebuilding my Mk3 and am fitting a new speedo drive and cable. As it runs so close to rear chain, does it route through the silencer bracket (at an angle) or go straight to the bottom frame tube? Does anyone have picture? Cheers. Pete

PS Thanks for all the replies I had re fitting brake caliper seals - now sorted ta!

Re: Mk3 Speedo Cable Routing

Posted by Neil Wyatt at August 07. 2017


Along the bottom of the bottom frame rail. I believe I replaced the original from this position in 1989. Still working fine today.

Re: Mk3 Speedo Cable Routing

Posted by mike_sullivan at August 08. 2017

#2 for along the frame rail, you may have to fiddle a little with final run & if the sidestand pivot is worn the sidestand can trap the cable; so don't tighten & cut cable ties holing cable in final position until you 've checked that the speedo is working cleanly.

Also make sure that the armoured section clears the chain & take care when tightening the nut connecting cable to gearbox (if you overtighten you'll end up having to purchase a new speedo gearbox, they're made of pot metal). 

Mike, Mk III


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