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con Rod sall end

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Con Rod small end

Posted by keith_owen at October 05. 2017


I have been studying the workshop manual for Commando, 1970 onwards and am surprised to see that there is no reference to small end wear when they discuss replacing big end shells / grinding the crank shaft journals. Is this simply because they don't wear, or what?

I am about to undergo a strip down of my bike before attempting to ride it and of course, the general state of wear is something that is of real interest to me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?




Re: con Rod sall end

Posted by john_holmes at October 05. 2017

They don't really wear, the alloy they made the rods from is actually a good bearing material and the motion is rocking and not full rotation with good supply of lubricant, only real issue would be overheating from say a weak mixture.

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