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Alternator Stator Repair

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Alternator Stator Repair

Posted by neil_renwick at March 16. 2017

Hi All,

One of the 2 wires on the alternator stator on my 750 has broken off and the other looks like it will be break soon. (See photo). Also the wires/sleeving that connect the alternator to the electrics has gone solid due to age and possibly heat.

I have cut away some of the insulation to find the remainder of the wire on the stator and proposing to cut the other wire and then solder new wires onto the stator and then cover this with a shrink sleeving. Question is, has anyone else done this and if so, any guidance? Also views on, is this worth doing or should I just purchase a new stator? (£60)

If I proceed with the repair I going to use wires that are rated for 16.5 amps given that the Lucas alternator 2 wire (part No47205A) is rated at 10 amps so I understand from various web sites. Again, any views on this?

As always many thanks for any help/guidance provided.


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