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920 running rich

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920 running ritch

Posted by ian_taylor2 at June 21. 2011

G day once again sory for confusion. I have a 1973 Mk2 Interstate with a  new everything 920motor witch has an s4 cam, tuned large bore RGM exhaust (fitted well, Volker Sachse ignition(anyone ever used one?) and two new Spanish made Amal Mk2 concentrics. These are set up with 2A1 needle with clip in middle gruve, 106 needle jet,  270 main jet, 250 pilot jet and a 3 1/2 slide. It starts easily enough using a QPD system ,which is a story in itself! The problem is that it will not idle and so I want to change the pilot jet for a smaller one and dont how or what size to try. Can someone help please.

Re: 920 running ritch

Posted by leslie,peter_howard at June 21. 2011

Also make certain you are using the starter jet correctly (Cold start/choke) the piston (not the operating lever) should be down into the carb body, not pulled up out and make sure it is sealing all the way down firmly. I assume you mean a 25 pilot jet.


Re: 920 running rich

Posted by luke_albanese at June 27. 2011

I'd be interested to hear about the QPD system as I'm thinking of buying one (do you mean the Electric Start conversion, or the QPD belt drive - or both?)




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