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Exhaust system for 750 Interstate

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Exhaust system for 750 Interstate

Posted by peter_merrick1 at March 12. 2017

Good evening all.

I'm putting together a 1973 Commando 750 combat. Its an ex Interpol model that I'm putting back to civilian Interstate mode, and it came with a reasonable exhaust system that I wish to reuse.

The header pipes have the "Balance" pipe across the top and terminate with a Low Level kick up. The silencers with it are the "Revers Cone" type with the word "Norton" engraved on them.

When all the support brackets are assembled, including the rubber "Cotton reels"the silencers lay directly in front of the rear wheel spindle! Whilst the near side is not an issue as you can still gain access to loosen the stub axle nut, but on the "Off Side" if I need to remove the wheel spindle for any reason it is obstructed by the silencer?

Is this correct, or have I got the layout wrong? Can "Interstates only use the original type of silencer, as opposed to the reverse cone type?

Your comments and advice are welcome.


Peter M.

Re: Exhaust system for 750 Interstate

Posted by john_holmes at March 12. 2017

I fitted peashooters to my 74 Interstate but fitted the upswept pipes so the axle was accessible. You also need to look at the jetting as I needed to go up from 230 to 260 on the mains.

Re: Exhaust system for 750 Interstate

Posted by Martin Freeman at March 12. 2017

dear Peter,

The Interpol has the exhaust lower to accomodate the panniers. Anyone fitting a Craven rack and panniers finds that silencers foul underside of pannier. Solution is to 'adjust' last bend on front pipe with the aid of a little gas. then of course it prevents removal of rear wheel spindle; a price has to be paid, you have 2 silencer bolts and a clamp to remove when you want the wheel out.

As to which silencers, I have had reverse cone ones fitted to my 72 former Interpol for many years.

regards Martin

Re: Exhaust system for 750 Interstate

Posted by peter_merrick1 at March 13. 2017

Thanks for your response John and Martin. I'll endevour to coat the tail of the exhaust pipe with copeiouse amounts of Copperslip to ease removal of the silencer when stuck at the side of the road!



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