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Re: Late Jubilee front hub

Posted by bruce_firth-clark at Saturday 19:59

Previously Nick Clarke wrote:

Hi Bruce, if you are still looking for a Jubilee brake back plate and the actuating cam the NOC shop has both in stock under 'Miscellaneous' for very reasonable money.  They also stock Jub' fork oil seals, chrome fork slider covers etc.   I don't think the fork bushes are available but last time I did a Jub' rebuild I got some phosphor-bronze bushes made up by a machine shop and soldered in place at a sensible price and they worked fine.     Good luck with the rebuild!




Thanks Nick was waiting to see what came up on (the dreaded) ebay, have got a bare hub coming and just ordered load of other bits (brake plate etc) from the NOC shop.  Got to admit, spent so much on this so far seems a shame to give up now so continue to “pour” money into it!  Seems to happen with most of my rebuilds though 😂😂 and that’s before the plating & painting!

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