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Jubilee footrest bar

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Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by allen_jones at March 12. 2018

Hi all, anybody know where I could get a hexagonal footrest bar plus nots from? cannot find one on any of the usual suppliers (mine has “lost” one of the threaded ends


Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by Dan Field at March 12. 2018

Is the hex bar standard size, it wouldn’t be difficult to have someone turn some threads at the end, or even repair yours?

Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by patrick_mullen at Tuesday 09:03

This seems to be another item which is now out of stock in the NOCshop.  10 years or so ago the NOCshop held a really excellent supply of Lightweight spares including re-manufactured items.  It now seems that when these items go  "out of stock" they are not being replaced.  The big problem is the fact that it seems to be impossible to actually contact anyone on spares as phone calls/emails are never answered any more.

The bar is a bit of an odd size but it can be obtained easily enough.

If only the threaded end is damaged why not simply cut off the threaded bit and then drill and tap the rod to take a piece of threaded bar ?


Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by Ulrich Hoffmann at Tuesday 14:07

What size is that bar?

Mine also has a stripped thread at one end!

A metric 13mm hex bar is too small and everything wobbles around.

Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by patrick_mullen at Tuesday 20:34

My footrest bar (originally from the NOCshop) measures 0.525 inch Across Flats and this is still a listed size for hexagon bar.

I was told by a engineering supplies stall (at an autojumble) that the original size was probably 13.5mm - i.e Norton was changing to metric sizes.  The nearest Imperial size is 17/32" which is a strange size.  For comparison 17/32" = 0.53125 (in decimals) or 13.4937mm (in metric).  So your 13mm bar is half a millimetre out -hence the footrests wobble.


Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by dennis_thompson at Thursday 12:12

I have just purchased one from Norvil. It cost nearly £30 by the time VAT and shipping were added. I had to wait three months until they had them in stock as they are made in batches. Good quality though.

I thought I bought the nuts from NOC listed in the 'stainless' section.

Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by Ulrich Hoffmann at Sunday 11:07

Can I use a footrestbar from a Francis Barnett frame or is it too short?

The Navigator has some spacer washers between the frame rails.

Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by patrick_mullen at Sunday 11:43

I expect it is too short but I do not know for certain - maybe someone else knows for sure.

I do know that the FB rear wheel spindle and spacer are shorter than the Norton items. The FB rear axle "sort of fits", i.e it goes across the swing arm but the amount of thread showing is a bit marginal.

Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by John Pullen-Appleby at Sunday 13:39

I bought some stainless hex off the net and turned one up.  I cannot remember the size--I made it too long in the even but hey ho--spaces a go go.

Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by paul_nicholls at Sunday 17:59

You can buy 1/4W (5/16th BS) 0.525" hex bar from many metal suppliers.

I normally get my supplies at Kempton Park, but i'm sure you coud get it on ebay too.

It would be easy to put a thread on the end.


Re: Jubilee footrest bar

Posted by dave_spain at Monday 17:06

Yes I agree it is 1/4 whitworth and I usually buy this from "Noggin End Metals" or "Mallard Metal Packs". I have also (for myself) machined off the existing thread (1/2" BSCY) and re-cut a smaller diameter (7/16" BSCY) thread. The appropriate nut would be available from most usual sources. The machining should not be a problem for any "Jobbing" engineering shop although they are getting difficult to find now. Fortunately I have the facilities to do my own.


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