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In Over My Head

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In Over My Head

Posted by robert_juric at March 14. 2017

Hello all. I recently brought a '64 Electra home and I'm getting ready to tear into it. I am missing some parts, lots of screws/bolts, and probably some of my better judgement. The gentlemen I purchased the bike from was kind enough to include a fair amount of spares though.

My question was regarding parts compatibility. I've been reading through as much research as possible trying to source parts. I need to source a carb, some missing engine cover pieces. Are there other models which I could look for parts from?

Any suggestions or input is welcome! You can check out my album on Flickr if you'd like.

Re: In Over My Head

Posted by patrick_mullen at March 14. 2017

I expect that Peter H. and Ian E. who know their Electras will be along soon to offer you some words of wisdom but judging by your pictures you seem to have cornered the market in Electra spare parts.

Lots of Electra parts are common with other Norton and AMC models- the frame and mechanics have much in common with the Jubilee and the Navigator;  the front forks and front wheel are straight swop from a Dominator.

The carb I think is the same Monoblock as the Navigator with maybe a change of jetting.


Re: In Over My Head

Posted by peter_holland1 at March 19. 2017

Hello Robert,

Welcome to NOC. Very sensible to have obtained parts list and Twins Maintenance manual.

Have a read about the technical changes of lightweights between their introduction in 1959 and the last Jubilee's manufactured in 1966. You will find this in the model histories on the home page of the NOC website.

These notes on the lightweight were written by Andy Sochanik, who is still the club's technical advisor on lightweights. His information is very good, constructive and helpful. Contact details in Roadholder.

Gearbox parts are very difficult to find, and are common to all lightweight models from 1964-66. Earlier gearbox is completely different. Have you got the gearbox end cover including kickstart shaft? Look at web photos and you will see the gearbox oil filler plate rotated 90 degrees at the change of geabox. Best and easiest way of spotting gearbox type on autojumble tables or auction site photos.

Where do you live? Join a local branch of the NOC and ask around. There may be some lightweight owners among them who can advise.

It's hard to judge, from photographs, the work involved in your project. I can only advise you to be very careful on disassembly as a heavy hand and hasty decision can cause months of heartache when you try to replace accidentally damaged parts.

The NOC spares scheme is the most comprehensive source of parts I know of. If the part number doesn't match that on your parts list, it will be for another lightweight model.

You can get a new amal monobloc from Amal (Burlen) jetted for the Electra. A much better idea than struggling with a 50 year old original.

Some of your spares are definitely not for a Norton, let alone a 1964 Electra.

Good luck. Could be a great project.


Re: In Over My Head

Posted by michael_sullivan at March 19. 2017

Am I not correct in that the majority of parts are common with the Navigator with the exception of the pistons and barrells as well as the electric starting mechanism?

Re: In Over My Head

Posted by patrick_mullen at March 19. 2017

Previously michael_sullivan wrote:

Am I not correct in that the majority of parts are common with the Navigator with the exception of the pistons and barrells as well as the electric starting mechanism?


Yes you are right but the original Navigator came out in October 1960 in both De Luxe and Standard form. The early models have the original Jubilee type gearbox as well as other differences to the later revised 1963 model. The De Luxe had entirely different bodywork, seat, oil tank, tool box etc.  The Navigator always had six volt electrics and numerous detail differences.  Even the pre 1963 frame is different to fit the different gearbox.  The Electra came out in 1963 in Standard form only as it was intended for the American market only.  So it had chrome mudguards and direction indicators as well as all the updated 1963 Navigator bits.

So what Peter is saying is very true; tread carefully, using your parts list, to identify the parts you require, i.e SOME parts from a 1961 Navigator De Luxe will fit an Electra. Likewise some parts from a Jubilee will fit but remember the year is important.


Re: In Over My Head

Posted by patrick_mullen at March 20. 2017

Here's a picture of a 1961 Navigator De Luxe. Another difference is the Electra uses a 18" version of the Dominator rear wheel - completely different to the Jubilee/Navigator item.

Oh I was wrong in saying the Electra forks are straight Dominator - they actually have different springs.


Re: In Over My Head

Posted by robert_juric at March 24. 2017

Thanks for the input everyone.

I do have the gearbox cover, and I assume the kickstart shaft is in there since I can attach the kickstart pedal to it. Though the splines have been sheared off the pedal.


My biggest concern is bolts, I feel I have a majority of the major pieces. I'll spend some time service manual and parts list and come back with more intelligent questions.

Re: In Over My Head

Posted by Ian Easton at April 25. 2017

You've got quite a haul there and a lot of work ahead to make a good runner out of it.  Have you made any progress on it?

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