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Crankcase joint

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Crankcase joint

Posted by John Pullen-Appleby at March 30. 2017

Hello All,

When I split the crankcase on the navigator I notice it had a paper joint.  I have never seen this on a crankcase joint before and  do not seem to be able to buy one--has anyone else had thoughts on this?

Re: Crankcase joint

Posted by Ulrich Hoffmann at March 30. 2017

Hello John!

My Navvi had no paper between the cases and there were two gasket sets with the bike, each on without a "center" gasket.

I put on some silikon and joined the the cases. So far no leak, but there is no oil in the engine, haha!

Re: Crankcase joint

Posted by Andrew Wibmer at March 30. 2017

Mine had an old weetabix box...advice I have had from a good source is not to use one, it affects the end float on the crank case though, so need to be sure not pinching main bearings. The cases on my bike did not have very good mating faces so I did the wet and dry on a surface plate thing. intend to use wellseal and a thread.

Re: Crankcase joint

Posted by patrick_mullen at March 30. 2017

The 1959 Maintenance Manual & Instruction Book (for the Jubilee)states; " Fit the crankcase joint washer by sticking it to the timing side joint face" . Original full engine gasket sets did include a crankcase gasket.

So if you do not fit a crankcase gasket watch out that you do not pinch the main bearings - as Andrew has just said.


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