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Jubilee for sale

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Jubilee for sale

Posted by Andrew Wibmer at August 22. 2017

This might be of interest to someone:


Seems complete but not sure about colour.


Re: Jubilee for sale

Posted by patrick_mullen at August 22. 2017

That's been on sale for a long time but I notice that the price has gone down - originally it was at £2500.  The paint looks poor, so it was probably repainted by an amateur as it shouldn't have black on the tank - or else badly faded original.  It should be a beautiful metallic red (like Rover Nightfire Red ) with a black frame. It's a difficult time consuming colour to paint as you do a first top coat in silver, then base coat in the Red and finish with a few coats of lacquer. Too far away to be any interest to me.




Re: Jubilee for sale

Posted by Dan Field at August 22. 2017

I'd say the bottom of the tank was painted black by hand to cover the rust! Last tax disc 01. Looks complete tho, not far from me but I have too many projects already and my runners all need attention!

Re: Jubilee for sale

Posted by david_payne1 at November 26. 2017

Another Jubilee for sale.  Advert states private seller but it doesn't read that way.

Re: Jubilee for sale

Posted by Dan Field at November 26. 2017

No hope at that price in my book! Pretty sure it was on eBay not long ago. Quite why you need a full fairing at 45mph I don’t know! ;)

Re: Jubilee for sale

Posted by patrick_mullen at November 26. 2017

What a horrible thing to do to an innocent little motorbike . Only a dealer or a liar could call that beautiful !.

Despite all it's faults the standard Jubilee in original trim was a sporty good looker - so throw away the fairing, the topbox and the panniers  and ask half the amount.   I vaguely remember there was some discussion many years ago on NOC about manufacture of panniers for the lightweights- maybe this had some connection.


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