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Jubilee Deluxe on ebay

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Jubilee Deluxe on ebay

Posted by dennis_thompson at November 29. 2018

I missed out narrowly on buying a Jubilee Deluxe on ebay yesterday. It went for £252. The bike was local to me so it would have been a bargain. Unusually, it had the rear cover-all mudguard intact but the bike was in bits and badly neglected with no barrels or pistons or tank. However, the frame and wheels were complete and a headlight, switches and cycle parts were there. It would have been a good starting point for a restoration as the bike had a V5 and most missing parts are stocked in the NOC shop for sensible prices.

Looks like there are still restoration projects to be had that don't break the bank initially. What we spend after that is another matter!


Re: Jubilee Deluxe on ebay

Posted by dan_field at November 29. 2018

Whoa that was cheap and I missed it too, mind you I’d have bought it for the headlight alone if it was the larger one!

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