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Early jubilee forks repair

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Early jubilee forks repair

Posted by barry_davies1 at March 14. 2017

Does anyone know

Parts 21750 and 21751

a) how to remove the fork bushes -- sweated on or force fit?

b) where can I get a set of said bushes, and oil seal?

c) do I have to be brutal - cut them off and get a local machine shop to make me some new bronze ones?

Any ideas please

Re: Early jubilee forks repair

Posted by patrick_mullen at March 14. 2017

From memory of many years ago I think the bushes are actually soldered on : so you could try a spot of heat from a gas torch to melt the solder and they should come off.  BUT you need to locate some replacements first.  I don't know any sources.

The Jubilee forks are the same item as some models Francis Barnett and James so you could try some FB and James suppliers.  The James was/is fairly popular with trials persons so this is a likely source.

How bad are yours ?  If all else fails option (C) is possibly your only source.

Unless someone knows better !.

Re: Early jubilee forks repair

Posted by Dan Field at March 14. 2017

Someone on here made a new pair of sliders from some hydraulic tube and had bushes made to fit, others talked of reaming the original slides with a boring bar.



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