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On the way back up

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On the way back up

Posted by John Pullen-Appleby at June 12. 2017

Hello All,

I have put the bottom end of the Navigator engine together--well as far as the timing gears.  The barrel is off being relined.  I could only get plus 10 pistons so it will have to be bored as well--hopefully it will not be too thin.

I have put some cycle parts together--the front end I have is a BSA A7 A10 type  (I have--as I always do--ended up building a bike with I have rather to the original specs--the frame is a 1961 Jubilee one and the engine a 1962 Navigator).  I bought some new seal holders --old stock BSA nope unusable rubbish pattern parts.  I straightened out the old ones and painted them  (I have done the same with the sound but rusty wheels).  The pattern stanchions have tight threads where the top nuts fit but they will do.  I plan some old 7 inch headlamp  (sorry purists) either a black one which I have no idea of the origins of--or a chrome one previously on one of my Triumphs.

I provisionally bolted the most of the frame together--a previous abusive owner seems to have replaced all the studs--or most of them with studding--so I am having to make them as I go along.  I had a right game getting all the frame bit together without running my hundreds of pounds powder coating.


The shocks--amazingly seemed in good nick--I replaced the chrome shroud on one.   My next door neighbour owns a spray booth  so I plan to take up his offer and have a go at painting myself.  Pictures to follow.


I note with interest the thread on side stands--I may make one or adapt one from another bike.

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