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Light Twins

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A technical forum for Jubilee, Navigator and Electra
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Chain by John Pullen-Appleby 1 by Dan Field Tuesday 19:28
Exhaust howlers by John Pullen-Appleby 8 by Dan Field Tuesday 18:42
Pazon 6v for Jubilee by dennis_thompson 12 by dennis_thompson Tuesday 11:57
Which Mikuni for Navigator by Andrew Wibmer 12 by patrick_mullen Tuesday 08:44
6v Timing Strobe by Nick Clarke 8 by Nick Clarke Monday 22:40
S&B Conical Airfilter by Nick Clarke 3 by patrick_mullen Sunday 21:03
Oil leaks from my Jubilee by dennis_thompson 2 by dennis_thompson Thursday 20:35
jubilee tuning by david_moore1 18 by Nick Clarke August 12. 2018
Kickstart spring by John Pullen-Appleby 6 by John Pullen-Appleby August 10. 2018
Oil leaks by Dan Field 7 by graham_squires August 08. 2018
Horrible noise explained by John Pullen-Appleby 4 by Nick Clarke August 07. 2018
Clutch cable route by John Pullen-Appleby 13 by John Pullen-Appleby August 06. 2018
Jubilee concentric by Dan Field 26 by Dan Field August 06. 2018
Standard Navigator oil level by Nick Clarke 17 by Nick Clarke August 04. 2018
Castrol EP90 and Fuel Taps by Nick Clarke 12 by Nick Clarke August 04. 2018
Fitting Navigator engine by John Pullen-Appleby 3 by John Pullen-Appleby July 31. 2018
Norton jubilee no pull. by colin_ross 17 by michael_sullivan July 27. 2018
Norton Electra starter by bryon_currington 6 by Alan Osborn July 24. 2018
lightweight gearbox leak by bryon_currington 11 by peter_holland1 July 22. 2018
lightweight gearbox o rings by bryon_currington 2 by Dan Field July 22. 2018
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