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Light Twins

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A technical forum for Jubilee, Navigator and Electra
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Electra timing Cover Pic by jack_holgate No replies yet by jack_holgate Sunday 13:19
Electra Handlebar helf clip pin size by jack_holgate 2 by patrick_mullen Saturday 08:57
"NAVIGATOR" for sale on Ebay. by patrick_mullen 5 by Nick Clarke Saturday 08:14
Lightweight kickstart levers - Having trouble? by Peter Holland 8 by michael_sullivan Thursday 18:27
Oil leaks from my Jubilee by dennis_thompson 7 by dennis_thompson Thursday 11:56
Frame Earth or not. by Andrew Wibmer 17 by robert_tuck Wednesday 01:32
Electra kick start lever by jack_holgate 9 by patrick_mullen Tuesday 13:46
Navigator primary chain case oil filler plug by Nick Clarke 5 by Nick Clarke October 13. 2018
navigator by stephen_aspinall 3 by stephen_aspinall October 12. 2018
Navigator Electronic ignition & 12v conversion by Nick Clarke 27 by Dan Field October 11. 2018
Jubilee clutch removal by john_dunn1 7 by Dan Field October 07. 2018
Navigator Rebuild Results by dennis_collyer 15 by dennis_collyer October 07. 2018
Jubilee rear mudguard position by dennis_thompson 3 by patrick_mullen October 07. 2018
Navigator steering stops by steven_tyrer 6 by steven_tyrer October 07. 2018
Jubilee Crankcase Drain Plug. by patrick_mullen 5 by dennis_thompson October 02. 2018
Another Jubilee oil leak by john_dunn1 6 by Dan Field October 02. 2018
Front Wheel by martin_barnett 2 by patrick_mullen September 30. 2018
Pazon 6v for Jubilee by dennis_thompson 25 by howard_thompson September 26. 2018
Electra JP Pistons by bryon_currington 4 by boo_cock September 25. 2018
Navigator rear hub colour by Andrew Wibmer 2 by Andrew Wibmer September 25. 2018
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