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Dominator start up ?

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Dominator start up ?

Posted by gerard_senior at March 12. 2017

Hello, i need some advice please.

I have rebuilt  the top end of a Dominator 99 (1957)

Put fuel and oil in this afternoon, took the plugs out and hand cranked it over for ten minutes but could not get the oil to return to the tank.

I decided to try and start it thinking that as I had cranked it over for a good while the oil couldn't be far from returning. She started second kick!! sounds lovely, but after about thirty seconds there was no sign of any retuning oil so I turned her off. Left it for a few minutes and tried again, she started first kick, waited another thirty seconds, still no oil returning.

This is a very long winded way of asking what sort of time should the oil take to return. What can i check to see if i have done something wrong?

Many thanks,


Re: Dominator start up ?

Posted by robert_tuck at March 12. 2017

THe oil return is a fair way down in the tank,not at the top of the tube, perhaps you missed that. Have you crossed the pipes?, air lock in the pipes?.  Did you put some oil in the bike?---only joking!!!. Missmatched pump gears?  Ix3 start and iX6 start?.Feed pipe blocked?.Look round the bench ,pumpy thing in the corner?.

Re: Dominator start up ?

Posted by David Cooper at March 15. 2017

How did you get on, Gerard?  If you've left it few days it must have wet sumped a bit - so there should be oil in the crankshaft for example.  So it should be safe to run gently on no load for a couple of minutes.  I know that the re-start is one of my least favourite times, waiting for oil.

Re: Dominator start up ?

Posted by gerard_senior at March 25. 2017

indeed it did wetsump, I drained it out, I topped up the oil, took out the plugs and cranked her over for a couple of minutes and the oil!

Started up second kick and runs nicely. I have done a few miles now and all is well.....many thanks for your thoughts on this.....think I panicked a bit too soon!

Re: Dominator start up ?

Posted by David Cooper at March 25. 2017

Wet sumping is good after all! Good news!

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