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Assorted Slimline Dominator Parts

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Assorted Slimline Dominator Parts

Posted by john_sunderland at April 16. 2018

Hi everyone. I have recently got my hands on two boxes of assorted spares from my soon to be son in law, (my Domi was his fathers and he has been sorting out his mums garage)

I am slowly working my way through the bits and pieces trying to identify the part, model (88, 99, 500cc, 600cc, 650cc etc) and to make an assessment of the condition.

There all sorts of bits e.g, 2x pairs of barrels, 2x gear box casings, assorted gears, main and lay shaft, 2x front SLS hubs, 1x  engine case etc.

When I've been through the boxes and sorted stuff out I'll put them up for sale but in the mean time if anyone is after some spares send me an email and we can negotiate from there.

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