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Need for Rim Locks

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Need for Rim Locks

Posted by graham_parker at April 16. 2018

Hi All

I'm new to Nortons and have an 88 Dommi running on Dunlop Alloy Rims (correctly drilled for the Norton Hubs).

It has Rim Locks front and back and has been on old speed masters.  I'm moving it to RoadMasters and wonder, with modern tyres and associated stiffer walls, if the rim locks are really necessary.  I'd really rather not bother with them, in particluar to reduce the imbalance of the associated weight and the fiddly nature of fitting them.

I found one old thread which discussed this topic but it was dated 1997.

I'd really appreciate you thoughts on this.


Thanks in advance


Re: Need for Rim Locks

Posted by gordon_johnston at April 16. 2018

It's up to you. My bikes generally don't have security bolts. Security bolts have 2 functions. To prevent tyre creep - a problem with high-powered machines and those that run on low pressures i.e. trials bikes. They also keep the tyre on the rim in event of catastrophic deflation - a blow out.

High power and low pressures shouldn't affect you, so you have to consider the possibility of a blow out, particularly a back tyre when carrying a pillion. They can and do happen, but very rarely. If the tyre comes off the rim in a blow out, it locks against the swinging arm or forks as appropriate and therefore locks the wheel. Not much fun.

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