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Auto-advance unit

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Auto-advance unit

Posted by mikael_ybert at August 08. 2017

Can anyone explain how an auto advance unit works. I'm unsure that my works after I removed it (I had to use a certain amount of violence). And where can you get a new one? My bike is a Norton Atlas -64.

And please be clear when you explain. English is not my native language I'm from Sweden :)

Re: Auto-advance unit

Posted by Dan Field at August 08. 2017

I think Andover Norton sell some but I don't know what unit your has?

By the way your English is better than many on here! 😄😜


Re: Auto-advance unit

Posted by robert_tuck at August 08. 2017

Its a device to automaticaly provide a way to advance and retard the point of ignition to allow slow running and starting and also efficient combustion at higher revs. It does this by the use of centrifugal weights which are returned by springs . Full advance is usually done by 2500/3000 rpm. When handling the unit the spring action always appears to be too weak ,but that is normal. The weights need to be wedged in the open/out /advanced position when setting the timing up.

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