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Setting up ES2 Valve Lifter

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Setting up ES2 Valve Lifter

Posted by robert_norris at June 22. 2010

Hi all,

I'm building my first ES2 bike and need to set the valve lifter.  I have looked through instruction/guidance books but can't find any information. 

Does anyone have any guidance please?

Thanks, Rob

Re: Setting up ES2 Valve Lifter

Posted by robert_davis1 at June 23. 2010

Making sure the exhaust valve is closed, I just rotate the valve lifter shaft back & forth finding where it strikes the rocker arm on each end of the shaft rotation and set the cable adjuster so the shaft has the most clearance from the rocker arm. Then operate the handle bar lever to see if the lever / cable / valve lifter shaft moves enough to touch the rocker arm and lift the valve. if it doesn't adjust the cable adjuster until it does.

You have to find a rotational position so the flat on the shaft will touch and push the rocker arm (lifting the valve) and also have enough clearance that it does not rattle on the rocker arm when the motor runs. Secrets with these things are having a cable and adjuster in good condition. Have a spring on the cable that has just the right tension and importantly the run of your cable has nice sweeping arcs so that the cable works properly.

It's mostly just messing about until you get the adjustment you need and it works ok.

I don't have a valve lifter on one of my singles, I just ease the piston over TDC then go from there. More importantly, and I learned this from a fun experience, is having the valve lifter to stop the engine. Especially if the throttle sticks. Thats another story.....


Re: Setting up ES2 Valve Lifter

Posted by robert_norris at June 24. 2010

Many thanks for your helpful reply.  I will give it a go!

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