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Heidenau tyres

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Heidenau tyres

Posted by John Hawden at November 08. 2018

I ride a 1957 !9S (pre featherbed), I am currently running with Maxxis tyres front and rear which leave me with no confidence in damp/wet (just dumped me on my a**e on a damp roundabout, bent the footrest and pride hurt). The correct tyre size for this machine is 3.00 front and 3.50 rear...19". Has anyone tried the Heidenau classic K34 and had experience in damp conditions with this tyre.



Re: Heidenau tyres

Posted by tony_harris at November 08. 2018

I have used these and they work well but they seem to wear quickly.

Re: Heidenau tyres

Posted by Ian MacDougall at November 08. 2018

I have recently fitted a K34 3.50 x 19 to the rear of my '56 19S. Only done around 60 miles (on cool damp roads) so too early to give an informed verdict. Initial impression is not quite as planted as the 3.25 Roadrider it replaced but it is new so may still be scrubbing off mould release agents and I think I have the pressure set a little high. Also, there will inevitably be some movement in the blocks compared to the modern tread pattern of the Avon. The only reason I switched away from the Roadrider was to get a slightly higher load rating for pillion plus luggage.

If your damp roundabout also had some diesel contamination it probably wouldn't matter what tyres you are using, end result would be the same.

Cheers, Ian McD

Re: Heidenau tyres

Posted by George Phillips at November 08. 2018

Yep. Been there. Done that!


Re: Heidenau tyres

Posted by John Hawden at November 13. 2018

cheers chaps, I have been led astray somewhat, for 1957 the tyre size should be 3.25 x 19 front and rear, so I will fit avon roadriders, the seem to be consistently recommended.

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