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500T cam bushes not right?

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500T cam bushes not right?

Posted by martin_main at September 03. 2017

What i thought would be a straightforward job has me asking questions.

Cam bushes in crankcase worn out, timing cover ok. Extraction of two crankcase bushes went ok. Received a pair of new bushes through club spares. Problem is, the new bushes just drop in right up to the last 1/8", then can be pushed home with the thumb.

After measuring two sets of old bushes (I pulled another pair from a spare case) they all mic' up at 0.877 - two thou over 7/8". This is what i would expect working with a dead on 7/8" hole in a casing.

the new bushes measure dead on 7/8" .

Also, I would expect a new bush to accept the shaft until pressed into the case, at which point the reamer would have to come out. Not so here, the inside diameter of new bushes is a full 5 thou under 5/8" at 0.620" - a lot to have to ream out, but not impossible.

Another detail of the new bushes is that being able to drop them in, it can be seen that the oil holes dont line up- not even partially.

If anyone could shed some light before I think about sending bushes back. Maybe techniques have changed?


Thanks, Martin

Re: 500T cam bushes not right?

Posted by john_holmes at September 03. 2017

Without the interference fit the bushes will spin when you try to ream them, they need sending back.

Re: 500T cam bushes not right?

Posted by martin_main at September 04. 2017

Yes indeed, I dont think I have another option but to return them.

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