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Posted by tim_reynolds at June 05. 2017

I'm restoring a 1936 racing model 30. The fashion seems to be to use stainless fasteners but I'm trying to get a 'as it left the factory' finish so does anyone know what the finish should be on nuts and bolts that aren't polished chrome ?

Re: Plating

Posted by arne_eftestol at June 06. 2017


Dull nickel ?


Re: Plating

Posted by David Cooper at June 06. 2017

I understand Norton nuts and bolts were usually 'dull chrome' (not to be confused with satin finish).  I've no idea how the platers obtained the finish but it looks a bit like it was grit blasted with fine material before plating, rather than polished.  Rather like the finish on an old camera (e.g. Leica etc) but more silver than grey.

The sizes were re-used on lots of models down the years so you might be able to find some n.o.s. at Russell motors (no guarantee of course!).  (Chrome plate arrived to replace nickel in about 1930)


Re: Plating

Posted by tim_reynolds at June 08. 2017

Thanks for your informative replies

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