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1932 Norton Gearbox Cover

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1932 Norton Gearbox Cover

Posted by Andrew Jarrett at November 21. 2017

Hi All,

I am looking for a gearbox front cover for my 1932 Norton M30, the type I require is the plain cover without a kickstart mechanism used on the pre dollshed type box.

I have attached a picture just in case anybody has one of these tucked away in their shed not knowing what it is.

I would be happy to swap for a cover with a kickstart and cash, or just cash if you want, this is the last item I require to complete the bike.

Looking forward to hearing anybody who may have this part.

I just need the bare cover not the change mechanism or the smaller cover over the mechanism, but would be happy to get the lot if that's what you want.

I would not normally put this type of request in the technical forum but I wanted to get as many people as possible to see this request.



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